UKOUG Tech16 Call For Papers!

It’s that time of year again. The UKOUG Tech16 conference call for papers went out today.

You want to learn a subject really well? Better than you currently know it? Teach someone about it!

You want to help people avoid the potholes and problems that you hit with your implementation? Tell us about that and we’ll love you!

Hi! My name is Neil, and once I was scared to get up in front of people to talk. I still get nervous but I really enjoy it now, and so might you! We don’t bite! (well, we keep the bitey ones away from the public)

I’m part of the paper selection comittee for database, and there’s one particular thing I want to see. Want to pretty much guarantee* I’ll select your paper? Tell me about your companies journey to The Cloud. Whether Oracle, AWS or whatever. Oracle will be telling us lots about the cloud and how awesome it is. Your CIO and CEO might have believed them… so what we all want to know is…. what’s it really like?


*guarantee does not constitute a guarantee. Just putting the word Cloud in your presentation will be met with cynicism. 😉

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