About Neil

I have been working in IT since 1988 as a Cobol and Assembler Programmer on IBM Mainframes, and started DBA-ing all releases of Oracle since v6.0.29. sometime around 1991/2 both in a Production Support and Development capacity.

I have ran global Database and Development teams for pretty much every type of industry and am currently a consultant Database Architect (and occasionally, if you are lucky, available for hire!)

As well as Oracle, he has extensive experience using SQL Server 6.5-2012 and has worked on and administered most flavours of Unix; (AIX / Linux (RH, OEL & SLES) / Solaris / HP-UX / Tru-64).


I was promoted to Oracle ACE Director in 2017,  is the Chairman of the UKOUG RAC, Cloud, Infrastrcuture and Availability SIG for the UK Oracle User Group, and was responsible for the Database Stream planning and selection for the UKOUG Tech16 Conference and the entire UKOUG Tech17 Agenda.

You can follow me on Twitter: @chandlerdba

In real life, I have a lovely wife, 2 fantastic kids and a passion for Sunderland Association Football Club, which at the time of writing are plying their trade in the English Premier League (update: English Championship after relegation in 2017). They have not won a major trophy for a very long time, although they have won the top division title 6 times (but mostly in the 1890’s).

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