The Boat

Coming soon in March there’s one of the most popular global user group conferences, The Norwegian Oracle User Group Spring conference, known fondly as “The Boat“, it takes place from 10th to 12th of March sailing on board a cruise ship. The ship sails from Olso on 10th and arrives in Kiel, Germany the following day where it turns round and sails back to Oslo, arriving at 10am on Saturday 12th.


I will be riding The Boat for the first time this year, so this should be a great new experience for me – standing in front of an audience while the auditorium sways its way across the sea.

I’ll be giving 2 presentations;

  • An Introduction to RAC – hopefully explaining how it works and why apps get it wrong when it comes to horizontal RAC scaling.
  • Why has my plan changed? Top 7 plan stability pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The full Agenda should be available w/c 18.January.2016 (probably on 19th…)

See you on The Boat, hoping for calm weather!



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