UKOUG Tech 15

It’s nearly early December, so it must be time for the UK Oracle User Group Conferences – JDE15, Apps15 and Tech15

There’s some absolutely wonderful presentations, and there’s the 2 I’m giving as well:

An Introduction to RAC (12c) at 9am on Monday 6th, and Troubleshooting Goldengate at 12:20 on Tuesday 7th.

I’m also helping our with a new style database Keynote this year. We are inviting questions from the audience and having them answered by senior Oracle technologists Dominic Giles, Maria Colgan and Penny Avril

There’s also a Performance Panel Q&A with Jonathan Lewis, Christian Antognini, Maria Colgan and Nigel Bayliss with a similar format.

Feel free to send me your questions for these 2 events ( and marking them either Performance or Keynote) – but you’ll need to turn up to hear them answered!


Hope to see you there. Come over. Say Hi! Ask for a badge. Buy me a drink? Hey, you’re a bit forward, aren’t you. Here’s your badge.




2 Responses to UKOUG Tech 15

  1. Cyrill Mueller says:

    Thanks for your presentation about Troubleshooting GoldenGate at UKOUG 2015. It was a great pleasure to hear others having the same issues. Couldn’t find your presentation yet at the download page. Is it possible to receive a copy of your presentation?
    Thanks and best regards


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