Oracle ACE Director

I was at UKOUG Tech17 this week in my capacity at both Speaker and Tech Lead (organizing and selecting the agenda, drinks, parties, etc – although the heavy lifting is done by the @UKOUG office)

There was rather a nice surprise waiting for me. Jennifer from the Oracle ACE Program upgraded my Oracle ACE to Oracle ACE Director.


This is a wonderful honour and reflects the many many days dedicated each year to the Oracle community through presenting at conferences around the world, helping on forums, writing magazine articles, arranging SIG’s and meetups, as well as the aforementioned Tech Lead at #UKOUG_TECH17 

Thank you Oracle ACE Program!


As for Tech17? Here’s a few images of this year’s event!

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4 Responses to Oracle ACE Director

  1. debra says:

    Congratulations, and well deserved, but did you have to have a photo is a glass to my mouth?


  2. mwidlake says:

    It’s a well deserved honour. Some people present, some produce “written content” and some work behind the scenes to make things happen. All three are needed in the Oracle community. You do all three. I raise my glass.
    (Before Debra snatches it and downs the contents…)


  3. Boneist says:

    Many, many congratulations on the ACED thing. Also, thanks for being the Tech lead for UKOUG_TECH17; it was awesome *{:-)


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