Club Oracle in London – 12th November 2014

Just a timely note to publicise the e-DBA and Jonathan Lewis #cluboracle event in London on 12th November 2014.

I’m a great fan of community events, as I hope my blog, tweets, presentations and support of the UKOUG, chairing many SIGs over the last few years, will attest. It’s the second best way to learn anything, talking with your peers who have already worked it out, and those who have the same problem to discuss [ NOTE: The best way to learn is to be sat with the manuals, MOS and Google at 2am, fixing something very broken. It’s not the nicest way to learn but you WILL learn 🙂 ]

This event will see several great speakers feeding us new information about the new 12c In-Memory option, and 12c enhancements, as well as some interesting take-aways from OOW14, and e-DBA feeding us and pizza and beer (optional) too.

There will also be a 15 minute Q&A at the end, so register, come armed with a really challenging question and enjoy the community. Also, it’s free! What more could you possibly want?

Please say Hi! to me too – I’ll be there, digesting all of the above.


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