UKOUG 2011

Well, I’m back at work today missing the excellent final day of the UKOUG 2011 (@UKOUG  #UKOUG2011), but frankly I’m worn out.

After watching some of the most fantastic presentations by the likes of Doug Burns, Jonathan Lewis, Greg Rahn, Tanel Poder and many others**, my brain is full. I couldn’t absorb another fact.

A similar crowd, too numerous to mention, then helped me destroy the information that I had just learned, through the medium of good British Real Ale and Whisky.

Technical blogs to follow, once my brain cools down and my liver recovers.


**A special mention to Thomas Presslie for pouring shots of The Balvenie Scottish Single Malt Whisky into me to demonstrate DataGuard Fast Start Failover, at 10:30am. Transactional Whisky indeed. Not sensible but good fun and a novel way to represent a commit 😀 – I’m on the left (thanks for the Photo, Doug)


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