Management and Infrastructure SIG – Thank You

Well, we had the final Management and Infrastructure SIG last week, and whilst the attendance wasn’t huge, the content was simply excellent. Two great presentations about Enterprise Manager from Niall Litchfield of Maxima, and from Mark Westwood and Carl Holmes of Morrissons.

We also had an insightful and revealing presentation on outsourcing from Piet De Visser from Logica, and an eye-opening technical feast showing how to maximise the performance from your Intel hardware from Steve Shaw of Intel.

I would also like to thank Oracle for their support, and especially Mike Edgington for his talk about the Oracle support organization and how it is evolving.

Ye Gods, this feels like an Oscars acceptance speech!

Many thanks to the UKOUG Staff in general, and specifically Marisa Harris and Jake Potter for their organisation and assistance in making this SIG work.

Finally, I would like to thank Martin Widlake for his Chairmanship, and his opposition during our presentation about what DBA’s really need to know.

And so ends the UKOUG Management and Infrastructure SIG, now to be merged with the RAC SIG and be reborn as the UKOUG Availability, Infrastructure and Management (AIM) SIG, where we will still talk about everything that we have previously, but extend the remit around RAC, Exadata, Goldengate, Partitioning, VLDB’s, and all those other lovely cost-extra options that Oracle dearly would like to sell to us all.

Thank you to everyone who attended the M&I SIG – we hope you got as much out of it as we did.


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