Outside Interests – not work!

So, what do you do that isn’t work. Sure, you work hard in the office. You might even do work when you get home at night on your own “lab” setup – VM’s make that so easy these days. Even an old desktop can spin up a couple of VM’s if you stick some extra memory in it. I just bought 12GB for £25, so that’s pretty cheap and easy to do.

You might have read some technical books on your commute to and from the office, or listened to technical podcasts on the way there and back if you drive.

When you stop working, or learning, or “playing” with technology, what do you do to unwind? Well, next week I have decided to drive from my home in London to Naples as part of a 100-strong banger rally. You can read more about it on the Team Monkey Wrench blog. I love cars (even this dreadful one), and it’s a pretty good adventure.

So, what do you do to relax? Jump out of a plane? Play chess against your kids? Drink yourself senseless in a bar? We all need a break from technology now and again. Go out into the world a do something fun.


6 Responses to Outside Interests – not work!

  1. Paul says:

    But will you take your Blackberry/iPhone/Android/WinPho with you…and will you manage to avoid sneaking a peak at work emails in the quiet moments…


    • I don’t have a work blackberry. When I leave work, I leave work behind (unless I am on-call). My work life balance is well balanced at the moment, and I am still managing to keep to 4 days a week in the office. We will be updating the Monkey Wrench blog via my (personal) iPhone as we go, of course 🙂


      • Paul says:

        Good for you. My work life balance is achieved by not having remote access to client email. Good luck with the rally !


  2. Sounds like a fun adventure, good luck.


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