Mash Program

As an experienced speaker and community advocate, I decided to join with a number of other like-minded community advocates to see if we can help others get started in the world of conference speaking.

Everybody has a story to tell about their work. Talking about the challenges you face in projects, as well as the good and bad things which happen during your business-as-ususal (BAU) work can seem uninteresting. “It’s just what I do”. The world I inhabit, Corprate IT, can be extremely complex. What may seem second nature to me, with a fair bit of experience, can be a revlation to someone just starting out. You don’t need 30 years of experience, either. Just being on the next page of the book, a tiny bit ahead of someone else, can be enough. Tell me what you did. Tell me if it worked. Tell me what you would do differently if you were doing it again.

If you think you have a story to tell – and I’m pretty sure you do – have a look at the MASH Program that we have set up. We’re here to help you take the next step into a really interesting world.


UKOUG Tech 16


It is the UKOUG Tech16 (and App16 & JDE 16) conference in a short few days.

As well as giving 2 presentations myself, the first about Disaster Recovery, Far Sync and Fast Start Failover and the second about “RAC for beginners”, I will also be arguing in the DBA v Dev round table at the end of Monday about what I would like to do with most Developers and the best way for me to achieve it without negative consequences.

Martin Widlake and I will be MC-ing the Optimizer round table, with a panel of experts consisting of Jonathan Lewis, Maria Colgan, Nigel Bayliss and Chris Antognini answering your questions (send questions in advance to ), talk to me on the day, or stick your hand in the air in the session.

If that panel doesn’t get you to persuade your management that you need to be at this conference, perhaps the rest of the speakers at the conference will.

We at the UKOUG work long and hard to persuade the best speaker in the world to turn up and talk to us. For Tech 16, I have managed to gather

  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Maria Colgan
  • Connor McDonald
  • Graham Wood
  • James Morle
  • Martin Bach
  • Pete Finigan
  • Chris Antognini
  • Kamil Stawiarski
  • Dom Giles
  • Lothar Flatz
  • Mike Dietrich
  • Uwe Hesse
  • Tim Hall
  • Ludo Caldara
  • Frits Hoogland
  • Martin Widlake
  • 60 ACEs! 60! In Tech alone….. so many awesome guys and girls to teach us stuff. My only sadness is that, in EVERY talk slot there is more than 2 talk that I want to see (yep – at least 3 per hour) and I can’t see them all 😦