I have been DBA-ing for a while now, and I today I used a “new” command which I have never used in the previous 20+ years I have worked with Oracle: DROP DATABASE. It’s amazing what you miss sometimes!

So, what does it do? As the name implies, it drops the database. That is, it deletes all of your database files. This is significantly safer than using traditional Operating System methods (assuming you even have access and are not using ASM), and for added safety you have to be running the database in RESTRICT MOUNT mode.

What a lovely command. It goes to all the trouble of locating and removing those troublesome files that were put into the wrong place by another DBA that you would have missed if cleaning up manually.

It certainly made the pre-production clone script (cloning from the Physical Standby) that I have just written quite a bit easier to code.

Does anybody know if there is any other reason for running the database in RESTRICT MOUNT mode, or was it designed just for this command?

EDIT: I was just informed via Twitter (@chandlerdba) by @pfierens that this also takes out your SPFILE. If you are using an SPFILE (you should be!) and want to keep your db parameters for a db rebuild, I would recommend creating a pfile from the spfile first…

Has anyone ever done an RMAN “drop database including backups” ?   You REALLY need to be sure you don’t want it back to run that one!