Mash Program

As an experienced speaker and community advocate, I decided to join with a number of other like-minded community advocates to see if we can help others get started in the world of conference speaking.

Everybody has a story to tell about their work. Talking about the challenges you face in projects, as well as the good and bad things which happen during your business-as-ususal (BAU) work can seem uninteresting. “It’s just what I do”. The world I inhabit, Corprate IT, can be extremely complex. What may seem second nature to me, with a fair bit of experience, can be a revlation to someone just starting out. You don’t need 30 years of experience, either. Just being on the next page of the book, a tiny bit ahead of someone else, can be enough. Tell me what you did. Tell me if it worked. Tell me what you would do differently if you were doing it again.

If you think you have a story to tell – and I’m pretty sure you do – have a look at the MASH Program that we have set up. We’re here to help you take the next step into a really interesting world.


Oracle 19C New Feature Availability

trump-exasperatedSince Oracle Open World 2018, Oracle have been trumpetting a few cool new features in the Oracle 19C database, the headline two for administrators being “Automatic Indexing” and “Real-Time Statistics“.

With the release of Oracle 19.2 on Exadata (on-premises – not yet on Cloud!) this week, we also got the documentation released which allow us to answer a very important question: on which platforms will we be able to use these 2 (and other) new awesome features. We may not like the answers – Oracle has decreed that we cannot have them on-premises for SE2, Enterprise Edition or on an ODA.

This is confined purely to Exadata on-prem and the cloud offerings. That’s it. There are no technical reasons why this should be the case – it’s just code – so the restrictions can only be marketing-based (like Hybrid Columnar Compression).

I’m disappointed, but it does mean that the over 80% of Oracle database clients still not living in the cloud should continue to need that aspect of my services!

Oracle Factoring