Goldengate OGG-01223 (Version) Problem

Just implementing Goldengate between a platform I don’t understand, a Tandem/HP non-stop, and Oracle 11G R2 RAC. So, I spend the day trying to get it working, have all of the configuration seemingly correct and when the Tandem guy an I try to for a connection to send data over, we keep getting the following warning (and no data):

WARNING OGG-01223  Oracle GoldenGate Collector for Oracle:  Could not find definition for <Tandem-table-thing>

So, after extensive tweaks, mods, changes, banging heads off desks and general disbelief, I spend a while Googling for (or, more accurately, duckduckgo-ing – I’m sick of being the commodity), and on MOS, and noticed a problem between Version 11.2 of GG and 11.1. It was in no way related to the problem we had, but it prompted me into a though; exactly which versions of GG are on each platform? There was a minor discrepancy of versions.

OK – download GG for Linux to match the Tandem version. Install. Replay the Configuration. Run. Works. Simples.

Lesson: Check your versions, check your compatibility. Where possible, keep them absolutely perfectly aligned and you might not waste 1/2 day troubleshooting. Grrrr.