Broken Kindle

I just thought I would try to get restarted on this blog by telling a quick story about my broken Kindle. I’ll crowbar a bit about Oracle in at the end…

Last night I left my friends in the pub at 9pm and got onto the Tube for my 40 minute journey home to North London. I got out my (2 month old) Kindle and switched it on to continue with the book I’m reading… and the screen only half-restored. The top-half was static and unchanging from the screen saver. Obviously broken, but how? There has been no impact, no twisting or anything. Apparently (checking the internet), this just happens to Kindles sometimes. Manufacturing fault or some such.

Now, I bought this Kindle at PC World (OK, I know, but I did – same price and no couriers involved) so this morning I packaged it up in the original packaging (but without receipt) and drove down to PC World ready for a good argument with “The Tech Guys” about getting a replacement. It all started so promisingly:

Me: “My kindle is broken. The screen is broken.”
TechGuy: “Did you buy extended cover”
Me: “No”
TechGuy: “Well it’s not replaceable as that would be classed as accidental damage.”
Me: “It hasn’t been in an accident. It’s not damaged, it’s broken”
TechGuy: “OK, you’ll have to call Amazon about it”
Me – getting all warmed up, smiling: “No. I bought it here**”
TechGuy (immediately): “OK, I’ll get a manager”

What? No argument? Eh? Anyway, the manager comes over, checks the kindle for damage (there is none), asks for receipt but I don’t have it. However, I have proof of purchase (credit card statement) so he checks the computer, goes into the back shop and hands me a new 3G Kindle. Thank you PC World. Unexpectedly good service (despite the initial fob-off attempt.)

Right now, I’m re-loading all of the Oracle documentation back onto it. Oracle very thoughtfully provide all of their doco in .mobi format. Given that I have been to sites which have no internet link available and the servers are in very closed DMZ’s, and you’re not allowed to use USB sticks or DVD’s (the ports are blocked), having all of the Oracle doco in your pocket on a searchable Kindle can be pretty handy.

For the record, I think the Kindle is an truely excellent device. I’m hooked – it saves me carrying around books, manuals, PDF’s, white paper and (at a pinch) it can browse the web in most countries in the world for free over 3G. Not the best browser in the world, but great to check your emails and the news on a beach in Spain, the USA or New Zealand, whilst listening to the (limited but adequate) MP3 player.


**UK Law dictates that your contract is with the seller (i.e. the shop) and not the manufacturer. Don’t be fobbed off!


2 Responses to Broken Kindle

  1. Graham says:

    Best thing I ever bought.


    • Not quite the best gadget (i love my iPhone too), but a fabulous thing. The screen is a thing of wonder (when it’s not broken), and the paid-for 3G internet is extremely handy in foreign parts.


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